Chord Series from Robben Ford

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freeChords Are Everything3:06($2.49)
TXTChords are everything to Robben and he stresses how important it is to possess a versatile vocabulary of voicings. Sourced from Blues RevolutionFREE
More on the 9th Chord5:53$3.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureRobben demonstrates characteristic voicings of the 9th chord and how they were used by his seminal influences. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Jazzed Blues Chords12:08$6.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureRobben presents applications for the 13th, b13 add 9, b13 #9, and #9 chords and also illustrates how to change the root note. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Movement & Themes14:57$7.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureRobben presents the concept of chordal movements and themes in this enlightening segment. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
12 Bar Blues in A4:41$2.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureMP3Working over a 12-bar form in the Texas blues tradition, Robben demonstrates a variety of applications and rhythmic ideas. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
More Chord Applications8:51$4.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureRobben demonstrates how to use a diminished chord to move from the IV chord back to the I chord in the key of A. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Chordal Movement7:28$4.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureEar-opening demonstration of three ways to approach chordal movement with chromatics, pentatonics and/or scales. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Blues Chord Voicings5:08$3.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureThis excerpt from a live workshop covers tasty chord voicings and themes for the blues ala Robben! Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY

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