Country Blues

Country Blues Series from Robben Ford

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School of Little Walter2:41$1.49TXTRobben schools us on some of his early influences in the Chicago blues genre, referred to as the School of Little Walter. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Country Blues6:35$3.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureInspired by country blues, Robben performs and breaks down a Chicago blues, demonstrating his personal techniques. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Blues Shuffle in E2:15$1.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureMP3Robben demonstrates a rhythm guitar approach for a Chicago blues shuffle in E spiced with a few tasty fills. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Double & Triple Stops3:24$2.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureDouble and triple-stops are important tools in any blues genre. Robben demonstrates how to work these into your playing. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Dominant 9th Chord3:53$2.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureRobben demonstrates various applications of the 9th chord, both as full chords and as a very versatile triple-stop. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY

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