Mixed Bag

Mixed Bag Series from Robben Ford

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LessonDurationPriceVideo IncludesFocusPreviewBuy
The Main Ingredients5:14$3.49Robben discusses rhythm, harmony and melody as the "main ingredients" in music.BUY
About Style8:03$4.49Robben talks about his signature style and plays a killer solo blues to demonstrate his approach.BUY
freeMelodic Vocal Styling1:23($1.49)
NotationTXTInteractive TablatureMP3Robben discusses early influences and explains the melodic, vocal styling that has evolved into his signature approach. Sourced from Blues RevolutionFREE
Free Yourself of Patterns4:16$2.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureRobben shows you how to break out of a pattern-based mindset when soloing and improvising with this workout. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Listen. Play. Emulate.6:38$3.49TXTRobben shares insight for speeding up your personal development as a musician emphasizng that you listen, play and emulate. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
freeDevelop Your Musicality2:37($1.49)
TXTRobben explains why the pentatonic scale and playing the blues establish an excellent foundation to develop your musicality. Sourced from Blues RevolutionFREE
Multi-Task Workout6:40$3.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureRobben demonstrates a workout that combines alternate picking with scales to develop both speed and fretboard mastery. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Listening0:36$0.49TXTA short but very sweet video excerpt from the live workshop on the subject of listening; “If someone plays high, you play low." Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Go Get It!2:21$1.49TXTKey insight from Robben in this revealing video excerpt from a live workshop, "My weakness becomes a strength." BUY
Keep It Simple2:30$1.49TXTIn this video excerpt from a live workshop, Robben shares a key insight passed on to him by Joni Mitchell. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY

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