Rhythm Series

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LessonDurationPriceVideo IncludesFocusPreviewBuy
Comping Principles2:10$1.49TXTRobben shares key insights for becoming a solid rhythm section player - a strong rhythm player is always in demand. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Comping the Shuffle2:46$1.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureMP3Robben demonstrates how to balance variation with consistency by varying the rhythm guitar figure for each 12-bar section. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
freeComping Breakdown6:29($3.49)
NotationTXTInteractive TablatureMP3Robben breaks down his Comping the Shuffle performance and how to craft fills to keep the rhythm part interesting. Sourced from Blues RevolutionFREE
Misdirected Chords5:35$3.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureRobben walks you through the chord voicings and harmonies for Misdirected Blues. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
freeG Vamp3:38($2.49)
NotationTXTInteractive TablatureMP3Robben demonstrates how to leverage voicings, double- and triple-stops and fills and over a simple G chord vamp. Sourced from Blues RevolutionFREE
G Vamp Breakdown12:02$6.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureMP3Robben breaks down the G Vamp performance explaining why he thinks in C even though the chord is a G7. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Playing Rhythm Guitar3:38$2.49TXTDigging deep into the importance of consistency when playing rhythm guitar, Robben shares a few trade secrets. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Blues in D: Rhythm3:27$2.49NotationTXTInteractive TablaturePutting many of the concepts to work in a musical context, Robben performs a rhythm guitar part for a blues in D. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Rhythm Concepts 17:18$4.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureRobben reflects on and demonstrates some of the influences of the 60’s R&B scene with artists like Junior Walker. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Rhythm Concepts 28:51$4.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureDemonstration for developing a rhythm part, starting with the basics and then building upon that foundation. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
That Albert Collins Thing4:43$2.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureRespectfully borrowed from Albert Collins, Robben passes on a very distinctive and useful rhythm part. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
3 Rhythm Examples6:56$3.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureMore bonus footage from a live workshop, Robben demonstrates three very tasty rhythm parts.BUY
Combining Rhythm1:05$1.49Some playing, and words on groove and riffing within a groove. BUY

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