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LessonDurationPriceVideo IncludesFocusPreviewBuy
Playing Over Changes14:44$7.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureRobben presents valuable insight and guidance related to playing over changes and how he approaches it. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Soloing Example5:19$3.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureMP3Robben performs an extended improvisation demonstrating how to build a solo to make it more exciting as it progresses. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Improvisation16:32$8.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureFor Robben the essence of improvisation is "taking a leap" and feeling confident enough in your mastery of the fretboard. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Crafting a Guitar Solo9:18$5.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureRobben discusses how to approach crafting a guitar solo and finding your own voice on the instrument. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
freeMisdirected Blues2:32($1.49)
NotationTXTInteractive TablatureMP3In this lesson, Robben solos over the Misdirected Blues track using many of the principles presented in other lessons. Sourced from Blues RevolutionFREE
Technique17:23$9.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureRobben presents the physical techniques that support his style along with advise for developing them on your own. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Vibrato8:23$4.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureRobben demonstrates his own vibrato technique, and presents the various ways he works his vibrato into his playing. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Blues Solo in A3:29$2.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureMP3Robben performs a solo in the key of A demonstrating many of his techniques, concepts and principles. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Blues Solo in D3:18$2.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureMP3Robben performs a solo in the key of D demonstrating many of his techniques, concepts and principles. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Solo Blues4:39$2.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureRobben performs a solo blues improvisation demonstrating how to play the blues with no accompaniment. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Open String Licks3:58$2.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureSome tasty open-string lickage from Robben, generously presented here in this excerpt from a live workshop. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Diminished Applications8:15$4.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureMore diminished wisdom from a live workshop, to give you a little more perspective on diminished applications. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Solo Blues in E6:11$3.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureA solo blues performance, no accompananiment, in the key of E from a live workshop. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY
Blues in G3:49$2.49Robben performs a solo slow blues in G with no accompananiment, and then breaks it down.BUY
freeFive Pentatonic Notes2:50($1.49)
NotationTXTInteractive TablatureMP3Lot's of music can be made with the pentatonic scale. Robben demonstrates with this soloing example in the key of G. Sourced from Blues RevolutionFREE
One Chord Vamp2:12$1.49NotationTXTInteractive TablatureRobben solos over a one chord vamp sticking strictly to the five notes of the E pentatonic scale with melodic, vocal styling. Sourced from Blues RevolutionBUY

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